Deann Acton

I am an artist based out of Austin, Texas.  I am deeply inspired by my own Latina heritage, my children, and my own anxious spirit.  I have made art all of my life.  I graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree from the University of Texas and received my Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Marriage Family Therapy from Notre Dame de Namur University outside of San Francisco.

I have always loved using art as a way of calming my own intensity.  I feel blessed that I get to spend most of my day helping others use art to heal their own spirit. For more information about my private practice - check out Art & Therapy ATX

Aside from painting, I also love to embroider and make all kinds of crafts.  I am hoping to include more of my less "fine art" related artwork in my blog section soon... so stay tuned.



Purchasing Art

Prints on canvas or paper are available for most all of my pieces.  I work with a wonderful local print shop that does an amazing job creating quality archival prints.  I have prints on canvas hanging in my office that most people think are the originals!  The print shop can print on fine art paper, metallic paper,  or stretched canvas.  After finishing your print, the shop can also mail the pieces safely to you.   If you are in Austin, you can schedule a time to come by my studio to pick up artwork purchased. 

If you would like information regarding pricing - please fill out the below form and I can send you the information via email.  I would love to be able to list prices, but unfortunately, there are too many options for print, size, and medium.  Let me know which pieces you are interested in and approximate sizes.  Prices for prints start as low as $10 for small prints on paper.     

Also, let me know if you are interested in a commission! 

Thanks for supporting my art!