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I have been procrastinating putting together my website.  My first obstacle would be what to call it.  Names are important.  I didn't want to give it my own name... and I wanted it to mean something to me. 

I am an artist - but only when everyone is sleeping.  My days are full of being a therapist, mother, partner, activist... and while I do each of those things with my own artsy flair, It doesn't leave much space to put paint or ink to canvas or paper..  So, when all is dark and the house is quiet, I slip into the studio and create.  That is how I came up with the name for my site... because at my heart, I am and have always been a nocturnal artist.  I get my second wind at midnight and feel deeply resentful that I need to go to sleep before three in order to wake up a decent hour the next day.  If I could paint all night,  I would.  There is a clarity that only comes to me in darkness.  The daytime is the time of worries and obligations.. but my nights are a gift.  It is at the center of  how I take care of myself.

What can be hard about this is working with my therapy clients who come to me with insomnia.  I know all about the ways to make myself go to sleep, so although I am a very unrepentant night owl, I feel I do a fairly good job of helping them create positive sleep routines.  I am also completely aware of all of the health benefits of sleep - which is the one thing that does make me on occasion try to create some better sleep habits.  But each time, I fall back into my old routines. I do enjoy sleeping - but prefer it to be at around three in the afternoon.  Naps are glorious.  

So, now that I have a name, I can begin putting together this site in earnest.  All of the work I have posted thus far was made in 2015-2016.  I will try to post some of my older work later this month.  I am also hoping to finish creating a store so that you can purchase some of the original pieces or prints.  So stay tuned!